David Carrod

David has over four years’ experience in preparing documents for small claims cases, and appearing as an advocate in County Courts in London and the South East. With a success rate of over 80% for clients in court hearings, he has become a well-known and respected advocate on the circuit. 

David enjoys Rugby, as a former player and now supporter of Wasps, and is a tournament Scrabble player.

Education and Qualifications

2014 - 2017: LLB (Hons) Degree course, Open University

2017 - : Studying for Associate Membership of Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) 

David has assisted hundreds of clients with both their court documents and representation in court, and notable successes include:

Mrs MH had been badly let down by a rogue builder, leaving her significantly out of pocket. In her own words " David Carrod of Small Claims Advisor is someone we cannot thank enough for the thoroughly professional way in which he handled a very tricky and difficult case for us with our debtor, a rogue builder. Not only was he conversant with the procedures involved, but we felt he was with us throughout the court proceedings right up to the law enforcement stage and beyond. He remained interested in our case to the end, even after the law enforcement bailiffs had taken over and the case was brought to a successful conclusion. His guidance was invaluable, added to which he is a very pleasant and friendly individual, with a touch of humour in the way he handled us and the case. Brilliant! "


Mr T had booked a holiday online, and due to unforeseen circumstances had to cancel, 24 hours after making the booking. The tour operator refused to refund his deposit, and pursued him for the full balance. A Claim was made against the tour operator, who subsequently dropped the demand for further payment, and refunded the balance in full.

Mr B, Mr W and Miss L had all received penalty charge notices from a private parking company, for parking in the roadway servicing the apartments where they live. The total sums being claimed were over £3,500. After a hearing in Court where the three cases were joined together, David argued their case against a London barrister sent by the parking company. The Judge dismissed all three claims, and awarded the three defendants their costs.

Mrs M’s two year old son

 received a burn to his hand from a room heater while on holiday at a leading UK leisure facility. It was subsequently discovered that the heater failed to meet the required Health & Safety limits for surface temperatures. A Claim for damages was issued against the leisure company, who initially tried to defend it with a Defence written by a barrister, but when David provided the statements of case for Mrs M, they capitulated and settled in full.