What We Do

Who This Is For


Whether you want to make a Court Claim or to defend one, if you are a private individual, a sole trader, or a small business, this service is for you.

The so-called Small Claims Court doesn’t actually exist – it’s simply a ‘track’ in the County Court for all claims under £10,000 in value, and is designed to be a low cost means of settling disputes over money claims.

This means that legal costs, such as solicitors’ fees, are not normally recoverable even if you win your case. And this is where Small Claims Advisor comes in – we can prepare your documents, and even represent you in Court, for a fraction of the fees typically charged by solicitors.

But, before we even talk about fees, we’ll assess your case and give you a realistic estimate of your chances of success, completely free of charge. If your claim, or your defence, looks unlikely to succeed, we’ll tell you (even if it’s not what you want to hear) and save you from wasting money on court fees, and possible costs awarded against you.

What We Can Do


We provide legal advice, assistance and representation at County Court hearings to those wishing to make or defend Small Claims, valued at £10,000 or less. We can also help with certain types of Personal Injury work.

The areas of law we are able to assist with include:

Contractual Disputes: eg Breach of Contract. non-payment of invoices or loans; faulty goods or sub-standard services; unsatisfactory holidays; utility bill disputes; unjustified private parking charges.

Negligence: unsatisfactory services provided by solicitors, accountants, medical practitioners and other professions.

Nuisance: losses caused by construction work; flooding or pollution; noise pollution, neighbour disputes.

Damages: Breaches of Data Protection, harassment, trespass to land or property

Personal Injury: The current small claims limit for Personal Injury claims is £1,000, but this is set to rise to £5,000 in 2017.

These are just examples – if your claim is for £10,000 or less, we may be able to help.

What We Don't Do


Currently we do not carry out work in any of the following areas:

– Family disputes such as child custody, divorce etc

– Financial Products and Services

– Employment Claims

– Criminal Injuries Compensation

– Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

– Housing Disrepair

– Libel claims

We are only able to assist with civil matters. Cases which go to Magistrates’ Courts are criminal matters, and we don’t take those on.